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1:1 Nutrition Intensive

The nutrition intensive is a 75 minute 1:1 private call with Alyssa to do a deep dive into your PCOS management strategy.

Some common questions that I can help with during your intensive...

  • how to stop grazing before dinnertime
  • snack ideas for the picky eater
  • personalized supplement recommendations, along with brand recommendations
  • meal prep tips that fit your busy schedule
  • lab test review and recommendations
  • tips for dining out at your favorite restaurants
  • reassurance that you’re on the right track

Interested in how it works?

Step One

Schedule your call and fill out the coaching questionnaire so I know what you’re struggling with the most. If you know the exact questions you want answers to, you can pre-submit these in your questionnaire.

Step Two

Meet with Alyssa over a private 75 minute video chat to get all of your questions answered and to determine a strategy for you to be successful.

Step Three

Receive a summary email of everything we talked about, along with action steps you can implement right away. This may include handouts, a supplement protocol, or lab recommendations based on your intensive session.

At my annual physical, my lab results reflected pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. My provider instructed me to avoid carbs, which was unhelpful and stress-inducing…I realized I needed a different and reasonable path forward that was also sustainable. Working with Alyssa has created so much change in my life. As a lifelong chronic dieter, my relationship with food has changed! I no longer fear certain food groups, and I feel comfortable eating all foods and not feeling stressed or guilty about it. On top of that, my labs have improved significantly and I’m no longer obsessed with the scale. I am so grateful for Alyssa and this program and I’d highly recommend this program to anyone with PCOS or pre-diabetes who is struggling with finding a balanced eating pattern that actually works. Each call with Alyssa was comfortable, educational and re-assuring. I am so hopeful for the future and continued improvement of my health!
Working with Alyssa has really brought me to a place of freedom and balance with food! I was never an overly restricted dieter, but the last few months have really shown me how I can still incorporate the foods I love, my love of cooking, going out with friends, and the nutrition I need for my fitness journey as well. It never felt like we were trying to make any major overhaul - we took individual steps and looked at how they were working (both mentally and physically) before moving on to the next step. By the end, I felt not only like we had made MAJOR progress on my insulin resistance and managing my PCOS symptoms, but I know with certainty that I can continue with this for the rest of my life! Alyssa does a great job of giving you information on how PCOS/insulin resistance works, and helping you to build a program that works specifically for you and your life to manage them…and she does it in a way so that you don’t feel like you’re thrown into the deep end and left to doggy paddle on your own. She’s your life vest as she teaches you to swim!
Working with Alyssa was the BEST investment I could have made for my health. I feel so much better on a daily basis – I honestly didn’t realize how crappy I felt until I started to feel better. No more stomach pains, my bowels are consistent, my periods are regular, I’m losing weight consistently, I have way more energy, and my mood is a lot better also! Alyssa has help to set me on a path to finally be successful for the rest of my life and I’m so grateful.
I knew that I needed to get out of the low carb eating cycle, I didn’t feel great and I was miserable all the time. Working with Alyssa helped me undo so much of what I had learned in other restrictive diet programs. My relationship with food is better and I’ve definitely learned to be more flexible and comfortable with my food choices. I also feel so much better physically, less cravings, not as uncomfortable when I have my period, and a lot more energy. That’s a HUGE plus!
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