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PCOS Grocery Guide


Do you have a pretty good handle on how to eat healthy for PCOS, but need a little guidance on which products to grab on your next grocery run?


This PCOS Grocery Guide provides you with over 200 dietitian-approved grocery store items and brands to support your PCOS goals. It covers everything from breads and pastas to yogurts and snack foods…plus everything in between!

If you need a little more guidance on which products to choose at the grocery store, I’ve got you!


This PCOS Grocery Guide provides you with:

  • Grocery item recommendations handpicked by a PCOS dietitian that will support your PCOS goals
  • Over 200 brands and products you’ll be able to find easily in your local grocery store
  • Recommendations for breads, yogurts, snacks, salad dressings, sweets, granola, cereal, pasta, and so much more!
  • Photos of recommended brands for easy identification 


You know how to eat healthy, now you know which grocery store items are great options to support you!