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20 Best PCOS Quotes (Inspirational & Funny)

It’s easy to feel isolated and alone when you’re struggling with the challenges of PCOS. Let me reassure you, you’re absolutely not alone. 

As I’ve shared my own PCOS journey over the past several years, I’m constantly reminded that I’m not alone by the many women with PCOS who I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. I’ve also found comfort in the many celebrities with PCOS who have been more vocal lately and sharing their own similar experiences with this hormonal disorder.

PCOS affects close to 1 in 5 women of reproductive age worldwide. Even if we may know we’re not alone though, sometimes we just need some words of encouragement and inspirational quotes…or even some words to commiserate in. 

I’ve included some PCOS quotes below that can help you…whether it be a laugh or some motivation, I hope this provides you with what you need today. 

Feel free to share any of these quotes with someone who is part of your emotional support system or a fellow PCOS warrior who understands the daily struggle.

PCOS Awareness Quotes

PCOS Awareness Month is coming up in September. Spreading awareness about this medical condition is important to get more funding for research and more medical treatment options. 

infographic featuring a pcos awareness month quote.

1. The reality is that PCOS likely affects close to 1 in 5 women worldwide. 

2. Having PCOS is not your fault. 

3. You don’t need to have cysts to be diagnosed with PCOS.

4. PCOS is not just a fertility concern. Even if you don’t want children, you’re still at a higher risk to develop type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

5. Weight gain is a symptom of PCOS, not the cause…and no, weight loss will not cure PCOS.

Inspirational PCOS Quotes

6. PCOS is tough, but you’re tougher. 

7. PCOS does not define you. It is simply a part of your story, not the entire story. 

infographic featuring a pcos quote.

8. Having PCOS makes you stronger, resilient, and powerful. Keep going, you’ve got this.

9. Your worth is not tied to your weight or ability to get pregnant

10. Just because you have PCOS does not mean that you need to apologize for taking a break, eating a cheeseburger, skipping a workout, or even just existing.

infographic featuring a pcos quote.

11. I know you never asked for PCOS but the universe knew you were strong enough to handle it.

Funny PCOS Quotes

12. Everyone’s out here making babies…and I’m just here making ovarian cysts. 

13. I’m so classy, my ovaries wear pearls.

infographic featuring a funny pcos quote.

14. My hormones never outgrew the rebellious stage.

15. Figuring out my hormones is like trying to fold the fitted sheet properly…I have no idea what I’m doing.

16. Having PCOS feels like hitting the lottery when your period actually shows up on time.

17. I’d like to return my PCOS subscription. Zero stars, would not recommend. 

18. I’d like to have a talk with everyone who said I’d outgrow my acne. Signed, a grown woman with PCOS and persistent acne.

19. Having PCOS means my hormones are never like ducks in a row. They’re more like squirrels at a rave. 

infographic featuring a pcos quote.

20. Having PCOS means that you now have a set of car tweezers.

If you’re looking for a sense of community, come follow me on Instagram and join thousands of other PCOS warriors there. Whether you’re struggling with irregular periods, weight gain, cravings, fatigue, fertility, your mental health, or other symptoms of PCOS, I’d love to support you on your health journey! 

infographic featuring a pcos quote.

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