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Flo Ovarian Support: A Dietitian’s Honest Review

Looking for a Flo Ovarian Support review? As a registered dietitian, who specializes in PCOS and hormone health, I’ve got you covered. 

This blog post will dive into what’s in the Flo Ovarian Support vitamin capsules, what the research says, the pros and cons of this supplement, and if I think it’s actually worth it.

Flo Ovarian Support supplement container with pills coming out of it; text overlay states flo ovarian support review.

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What Are Flo Ovarian Support Vitamins? 

Flo Ovarian Support Vitamin Capsules are a dietary supplement created by the US-based company O Positiv Health. It’s a blend of nutrients and claims that it supports healthy ovulation and hormone regulation. The company recommends taking this supplement for at least 3 months to feel the full effects.

Flo Ovarian Support Health Claims

O Positiv Health claims that Flo Ovarian Support ingredients support:

  • Healthy ovulation
  • Reproductive health
  • Cycle regularity
  • Hormonal weight management

According to their website, this vitamin supplement may be for you if you check any of the following boxes: 

  • You want more consistent and comfortable periods
  • You’re looking to balance your testosterone levels (may present as unwanted facial hair)
  • You’ve experienced unexpected weight gain
  • Reproductive health is important to you

Ok, this seems promising, right? Let’s take a look at what’s actually in this supplement and what the research says.

Flo Ovarian Support Supplement Facts

Here’s what’s actually inside the Flo Ovarian Support Vitamin Capsules:

1. Folate (as folic acid) 680 mcg DFE

Folate is also known as vitamin B9. It’s naturally occurring in a wide variety of food sources such as spinach, black eyed peas, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and rice

Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate. Because of its low cost, it’s frequently used in prenatal vitamins or added to certain foods such as fortified cereals. 

Folate and folic acid have long been known to be important for pregnancy, particularly for preventing neural tube defects like spina bifida. More recently, research has linked folate to an improvement in fertility and reproductive health. In fact, recent studies have confirmed that higher folate intake is associated with lower risk of anovulation and ovulatory infertility, shorter time to get pregnant, and greater success with infertility treatment (1).

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for folate for adult women is 400 mcg DFE. During pregnancy, the RDA increases to 600 mcg DFE, and 500 mcg DFE while breastfeeding. 

Flo Ovarian Support contains 680 mcg DFE as folic acid, which meets and exceeds the RDA for adult women, regardless of pregnancy status. However, since folate is a water soluble vitamin, higher amounts are generally not dangerous for the general population.

There is some debate as to whether the synthetic form folic acid is well absorbed by those with the common MTHFR gene variation (2). As with any supplement, it’s always a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider to ensure it’s a good choice for you. 

pregnant woman holding her belly.

2. Myo-Inositol 2000 mg + D-chiro-inositol 50 mg

Inositol is the most well-studied supplement for PCOS and other hormonal conditions. Honestly, it has some pretty impressive results too. The Flo Ovarian Support blend of myo-inositol and d-chiro inositol has the same 40:1 ratio that I typically recommend if you’re going to try inositol

Inositol can help: 

  • Improve glucose levels and insulin sensitivity
  • Decrease body weight and BMI
  • Reduce inflammation  
  • Lower high cholesterol levels
  • Reduce carbohydrate cravings
  • Lower testosterone levels, which can be contributing to hirsutism and hair loss
  • Restore ovulation and promote regular menstrual cycles
  • Increase fertility by improving egg quality, pregnancy rates, and IVF outcomes 
  • Decrease the risk of gestational diabetes in pregnancy
  • Improve thyroid function in hypothyroidism

Myo-inositol alone can have positive effects on hormone health. However, research seems to favor the myo-inositol plus d-chiro inositol blend, especially if weight loss is one of your goals (3).

The recommended dosage of inositol is 2,000 to 4,000 mg myo-inositol plus 50 to 100 mg d-chiro inositol daily, so the amount used in this supplement falls within the lower end of the recommended range. 

infographic on the benefits of inositol for hormones.

3. Diindolymethane (DIM) 100 mg

DIM is a compound that your body naturally makes when you eat cruciferous vegetables like kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower. It’s also available in supplement form.

Despite limited research, DIM has gained popularity as a potential treatment option for acne, estrogen imbalances, certain cancers, and menopausal symptoms

DIM helps to support natural estrogen detoxification pathways. If you have irregular periods or PMS symptoms, estrogen levels may be out of balance with your progesterone levels. This can lead to a variety of symptoms like irregular periods, painful periods, cramps, breast tenderness, and migraines.

Estrogen imbalances can also promote subcutaneous fat storage and lead to weight gain. So in theory, if DIM can support estrogen detoxification, it may be able to help promote regular periods, less PMS symptoms, and even weight loss.

The human studies that have examined the benefits of DIM are lacking. More research is needed to establish whether DIM is beneficial, who can benefit from it, and which dose is appropriate. 

DIM is available as supplements in two forms. One form is a generic crystalline formulation, which is not well absorbed by the body. Another form is a microencapsulated form called BioResponse-DIM (BR-DIM), which is much better absorbed and is the form that most research studies used (4). Most human studies have used dosages of anywhere between 100 to 300 mg DIM in supplement form.

Flo Ovarian Support contains 100 mg, which falls at the lower end of the range that may be beneficial according to human studies. I reached out to O Positiv by email and they confirmed that their Flo Ovarian Support supplement doesn’t use the BR-DIM form, which is absorbed significantly better.  

a wooden spoon with supplement capsules on it with cruciferous veggies in the background.

Pros of Flo Ovarian Support

Alright, now that we’ve talked about what’s in this supplement, let’s talk about the pros and cons. We’ll start with the pros of Flo Ovarian Support.

  • Third Party Tested. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate or approve of any dietary supplements, their labeling, or health claims. It’s not unusual to find supplements on the market that don’t actually have what they’re advertising inside their supplements. OPositiv Health does claim their supplements, including the Flo Ovarian Support vitamin capsules, are third party tested for purity and quality. 
  • 3 Capsules Dose. This may be a con for you, but, if you do truly need all of these nutrients, this could be an effective way to get them in a one-and-done 3 capsule serving.
  • Good Inositol Ratio. The ratio of myo-inositol to d-chiro-inositol in this supplement is 40:1, which is the same ratio that’s naturally found in our bodies and the amount I typically recommend if you’re going to supplement with inositol.
  • Vegan Capsules. The capsules are classified as vegan, making them suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet
  • Money Back Guarantee. The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee, which allows you to try the product for up to 2 months risk-free.
  • Subscribe & Save Option. If you do take these supplements regularly, there is a subscribe and save option that provides you with discounted pricing and automatic monthly shipments. 

Cons of Flo Ovarian Support

Alright, now that we’ve touched on the pros, there are some cons that you’ll want to consider. 

  • 3 Capsules Dose. I know this was listed as a pro, but it could be a con if you struggle with swallowing pills. 
  • Possibly Unnecessary. While the marketing is appealing and seemingly a solution if you struggle with anything in regards to abnormal periods, you may not need all of these nutrients in the dosages that are provided. Dietary supplements are often regarded as safe and natural, but too much or too little of certain nutrients can render them useless or even dangerous. Consider nutrient overlap too that can happen, especially if you’re taking a prenatal vitamin, multivitamin, or other supplements. 
  • Potentially Inadequate Dosage. The nutrients found in Flo Ovarian Support, particularly the myo-inositol, d-chiro-inositol, and DIM are on the lower end of the recommended ranges. Depending on your unique needs, this may not be an adequate dose to actually see the results you’re looking for.
  • Folate Form. This may not be a con for everyone, but the folate form used in this supplement is folic acid, the synthetic form of folate. Some research indicates that folic acid isn’t well absorbed and tolerated by everyone. 
  • Cost.This is perhaps the biggest drawback in my opinion. The cost of this product seems high for what you’re getting. If your unique needs do deem all of these nutrients to be appropriate for you, and the doses are the right amounts for you, you can easily find these products at a lower price point.
    • Inositol.Theralogix Ovasitol has the same blend of myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol in the 40:1 ratio, which is the same as Flo Ovarian Support. One canister of Ovasitol is advertised as a 3 month supply, however, this is for double the dose as Flo Ovarian Support. So if you were to take the same dose of inositol as the Flo Ovarian Support vitamins, one canister of Ovasitol would last you for 6 months. You can use PRC: 202702 for a 15% discount, and then combine it with a discount code on top of that for more savings…usually bringing the cost to about $60 for the canister. 
    • Folic Acid. If you determine that you need to supplement with the synthetic form of folic acid, options such as this one and this one will cost you less than $10 for an 8 month supply.
    • DIM. If you determine that you need to supplement with this form of DIM, you can find one like this one that has double the dose for less than $20 for a 3 month supply. 
infographic with the cost breakdown of flo ovarian support vs other brands.

Should You Take Flo Ovarian Support?

Maybe. Maybe not. There’s no magic bullet that will work for everyone. I’ve outlined the pros and cons of this dietary supplement above. If you need all of these nutrients, in the forms and doses provided, this can be a good option for you. It offers a convenient monthly shipment if you sign up for the subscription at a discounted price.

If you do need all of these nutrients and the price is making you think twice about it, it’s easy to find the same nutrients in more cost effective ways if you order them separately: 

If you won’t benefit from all of these nutrients, this is an expensive and potentially unnecessary purchase. Always talk to your medical doctor or healthcare provider prior to starting any new supplements. 


Does Flo Ovarian Support Help You Get Pregnant?

Depending on your unique circumstances and medical conditions, this may help you to achieve more regular periods, improve egg quality, and ultimately become pregnant. Of course, individual results will vary and you should always consult with your medical team prior to considering any new dietary supplements. 

How Does Flo Ovarian Support Work?

The ingredients in Flo Ovarian Support include an inositol blend, folic acid, and DIM. These nutrients may help to lower blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, inflammation, estrogen, and testosterone levels. This can help to promote more regular periods and less PMS symptoms. 

Additionally, folic acid is the synthetic form of folate, a key nutrient for reproductive health and ovulation. It’s also a key nutrient in the prevention of neural tube defects in pregnancy. 

What Are The Side Effects of Myo-Inositol?

Myo-inositol is a compound that’s naturally found in foods such as cantaloupe, walnuts, and beans. Side effects are rare but may include hypoglycemia (aka low blood sugar) or digestive upset. 

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Disclaimer: this is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for or replace professional medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting or stopping any dietary supplements or medications.

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